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When Life feels like living a bad dream


Everyone gets to live through dark phases at some point in their lives.

Disappontments, grief, betrayals can be major energy hinderers. Nothing happening despite striving to make things work.

What to do during such times?

Allow yourself to feel sad, do not deny sadness, anger or resentment just because because they are perceived as negative.

Avoid people who ask you to suppress what you are feeling. emotions are meant to flow. This may include your own near and dear ones, counselors and “spiritual healers” speaking from my experience.

Be wary of falling into a downward spiral.

While it might difficult to be positive during such times it is necessary to prevent your frequency from dropping further.

In my experience of such phases, the best tool that was useful to me was gratitude journalling. I really felt there was nothing to be grateful about. Yet I did it mechanically. I was not able to journal daily like when I first learnt gratitude journaling which was an okay time and was easy to journal. I journaled only sometimes, later on I started finding more reasons to be grateful about. More I journaled, more I was reminded of what I had to be grateful about.

During such times, you need to be extra mindful of people around you, the ones you spend most time with. You are vulnerable to negative energies during such times because negative emotions lead to formation of pores in your aura.

If you are into energy healing ground and shield yourself.

Spend time in nature as much as possible, preferably near lakes or fountains. Even better yet near the ocean if you live close to one.

Pursue art or any creative activity. Art can be used for catharsis just creating something cute will make you happy.

If you are the religious or spiritual kind: pray, but beware of praying from lack mindedness, this is why I have placed this at last. It is necessary to pray with a heart as light as possible. Doing the above will help you to lighten up.

Do not take important decisions related to career or relationships including family.

In general do not take any decision that could have long time repercussions.

Move! Dance!

This is something I wish I was able to do.  I was going through undiagnosed health issues and moving was not possible. I cannot write about my health situation here.

Tarot Readings for the matters of Heart

In this article, I am discussing only readings that come out of desperation, insecurity etc in when there is no mutual emotion. Readings related to genuine relationships which do exist are not discussed.

I would request my readers to google up terms such as breadcrumbing, stashing, slow fade, zombie-ing, benching, kittenfishing, friendzoning etc. They are believed to be modern dating terms, but this is how relationships have always been even when the highest technology available for men and women was only a landline telephone. It is just that explosion of technology is making them more obvious. The idea of knowing these terms is just to be able to examine your current relationship status.

I would also request readers to read about relationship tendencies such as codependency.

Will he come back to me?

Tarot readers get these questions even after a year of break up or stand-still in communication with the querent. Often repeatedly. Unless something has changed you will still get the same answer, often the same exact card for your query.

Are we twin flames? Is our relationship karmic? Are we soulmates?

With Eastern philosophies and New Age Wisdom getting more and more popular these are some frequent queries. Often a tarot reader or psychic would say this to them. Then come repeated queries with other tarot reader or psychic to reconfirm this. Often this turns out into a self-laid relationship trap where they do not choose to walk out of it even when it is not worth pursuing.

Is he/she thinking of me? What does he/she think of me?

I don’t know if the other party thinks of the querent or not but the querent is definitely thinking more than needed whether their love interest is thinking about them or not. Asking this repeatedly to tarot will not make them think of you. Please keep that in mind.

One who retracts as soon as you acknowledge or give them importance

You were the moon for them till you reciprocated. Often these are people who belittle you put you down either directly or subtly once you have put them on pedestal. More high they thought of you before you reciprocated, more they are prone to think, “I can find a better one”/”I could have found a better one” once you have reciprocated.

Asking the same question repeatedly and expect a different(read positive) answer

Questions like “Will we get married?”, “Does he/she love me?” come under this. Often querents want to take this reading repeatedly till they see something that could hint a Yes. There might be changes in the answer you get if something has actually changed with one or both of the partners or in the relationship, otherwise do not tire the tarot cards or drain the tarot reader with repeating questions like these.

One whom we love is always better than us syndrome

I have seen even the best of people suffering with this when they set their heart on someone. Why is it that the heart that loves gets hurt?

In my next post about “Tarot readings for matters of heart” I shall write the questions that need to be asked.

Beta and other higher frequency states

Although beta state is considered normal frequency state there is an increasing need to access alpha, theta and delta states of mind often to retain peace of mind. Any state with faster thought cycles which is increasingly becoming common must be curbed.
Faster the though cycles more is the fear or anxiety. If not controlled it could lead to suicidal thoughts.

One way to get rid of these unfavourable states of mind is more physical exertion that helps a person to be more present in their body.

Ayurvedic oils massages are one way to help a person feel more in their body.

Further in this series of posts for states of mind I shall post about attaining alpha, theta and delta states.


Different states of mind

Physical activity of brain can be measured using an Electroencephalogram(EEG) in cycles per second(cps)


Delta state                                                           0.5 to 4 cps

Theta state                                                           7 to 4 cps

Alpha state                                                          7 to 14 cps

Beta state                                                            14 to 21 cps

Anxiety/fear/depression                                  21 to 42cps

Beta state is normal conscious state.

Delta is Samadhi state, both physically and mentally healthy, perfectly balanced and harmonised.

Alpha state and Theta states are most powerful states of mind and most suitable for all types of meditations. Any affirmation done mentally in these states will manifest.